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17 Jun 2015: Pictures of Helene Fischer in Cologne
Last night we saw Little Miss Perfect, Helene Fischer, AGAIN. And now in the football stadium of FC Köln. All 38.000 fans stood up from their seats at the start of the concert and never sat down again. Awesome show! There are simply not enough words in my vocabulary to express my feelings. I took some pictures, from a distance, and as always the can be found this website.
17 Jun 2015: Video of Helene Fischer in Cologne
The beginning of the concert in Cologne started with a countdown, fireworks and the song Unser Tag by Little Miss Perfect Helene Fischer.
17 Jun 2015: Video of Helene Fischer in Cologne
And yet another perfect performance of Helene in Cologne: So kann das Leben sein and (Everything I do) I do for you.
30 May 2015: Pictures of Helene Fischer in Hasselt (be)
We saw Little Miss Perfect, Helene Fischer, in Hasselt Belgium, and we were blown away by her looks, her perfect voice and an awesome show. No words can express our feelings, so enjoy these nice pictures I made, and the video which will be on-line soon. For the Dutch speaking fans there’s also a nice article in this Belgium newspaper.
30 May 2015: Video of Helene Fischer in Hasselt
The beginning of this video is a bit shaky. Perhaps I was a little nervous standing this close to Little Miss Perfect, Helene Fischer. You should see the scene at 8:30 minutes; amazing how lovely she shuts up the noisy guys in front of stage.
15 May 2015: Video of Helene Fischer
For my Italian friends I uploaded the song 'Caruso' sung by Helene Fischer and I added the Italian subtitles.
26 Apr 2015: MP3-Player on-line
Now you can listen to my personal MP3-collection. Including tons of golden oldies and of course all the music of Helene Fischer. It’s really simple: just login as a Bitfun Friend, and you can play these nice MP3’s.
01 Apr 2015: Helene Fischer’s Album: Gold, Platinum and Diamond
Germany’s most successful singer, Helene Fischer, received 11 times platinum for her latest album “Farbenspiel”. It sold more than 2,2 million times.
27 Mar 2015: 4 Echo-awards for Helene Fischer
Helene Fischer was nominated 4 times for the German music price, the Echo-award. Last night in Berlin, she won all 4 prices: Album of the year, Schlager, Hit of the year and Music-DVD/Blu-Ray National.
18 Feb 2015: New pictures added of Helene Fischer
I found some new pictures of our sunshine on the internet and added them to my collection.
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