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11 Dec 2017: Helene Fischer Show 2017
Last weekend the Helene Fischer Show was recorded in Düsseldorf. Lots of German and international guests were invited, and Helene acted as a host and participated in most every song, dance- and acrobatic act. The show will be broadcasted by Eurovision to Germany (ZDF), Switzerland and Austria, first Christmas day, December 25, 20:15 hours. Among the guests: James Blunt, Diavolo and The Baseballs. As always the pictures I made are on this website.
18 Nov 2017: Helene opens the Bambi Awards
Wow! The opening of the Bambi Awards last Thursday, by Helene Fischer, was just astonishing. Even Hugh Jackman seemed to be blown away by Helene’s performance.
04 Nov 2017: Helene Fischer on Swiss TV
Helene Fischer surprises 2 fans in the SRF surprise show "Happy Day"
09 Oct 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Cologne
Helene sings "Mit keinem anderen"
09 Oct 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Cologne
Helene sings "Hundert Prozent" and "Von hier bis unendlich"
08 Oct 2017: Helene Fischer in Cologne
The tour goes on. This week Helene Fischer plays in Cologne, and we were there Friday and Saturday. As always the pictures I made are on this website.
02 Oct 2017: New cover added: Helene Fischer - Das Konzert aus dem Kesselhaus (2017)
Music-Musical, 137 minutes, with Helene Fischer.
28 Sep 2017: Helene Fischer in Dortmund
This week Helene Fischer gives 5 concerts in Dortmund. Yesterday it was our turn. Despite of knowing what we could expect (after 3 times Hannover), we were simply knocked out of our socks, again. The good news is: this wasn’t our last concert ;-) My pictures, as usual, here on my website.
19 Sep 2017: Opening of the Helene Fischer Tour Hannover
This video gives an impression of the start of the 69 concerts of the Helene Fischer Tour. More video's you can find on my Helene Fischer Fanpage
19 Sep 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Hannover
Helene acting as a drummer
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